that celebrate your love story

As a professional Wedding Planner with nearly a decade of experience and
a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, I’m known for my
joyful, compassionate approach to wedding planning and
my heartfelt devotion to going above and beyond for my clients.

Combining my passion for design and professional industry expertise, my goal is to listen carefully to your vision and create a customized wedding design that shows your personal style and celebrates your love story.

With Olivia as your Wedding Planner, you will experience peace of mind
knowing that you have a wedding planning expert dedicated to
perfecting each and every detail for your wedding.

Wedding Planner & Designer Founder of Amor Atelier

Founder of Amor Atelier

Wedding Planner & Designer

Meet  Olivia

“Our wedding was an absolute dream come true thanks to Olivia!”

“Olivia’s kindness and calming energy radiates from the moment you meet her.”

“She listened carefully to our ideas and turned them into a reality beyond our wildest expectations!”

“Knowing Olivia had our best interests at heart made it easy for us to put our complete trust in her.”

“We had the wedding of our dreams and acquired a lifelong friend along the way!”

Kind Words

OUR Signature Heart-Centered Wedding Planning Approach is designed to inspire you to embrace the joy and excitement of this memorable time in your life and truly enjoy the wedding planning process together as a couple.

heartfelt, thoughtful, passionate

OUR Wedding Planning Approach

I founded Amor Atelier on a mission to help couples enjoy the wedding planning process and embrace all the exciting moments together
throughout the journey.

We believe that wedding planning should be fun, stress-free, and full of joyful memories! To us, the wedding planning process is just as important as the wedding day itself.

Our mission is to streamline and simplify the wedding planning process so that you can actually enjoy your engagement and look forward to all of the exciting moments ahead!

With Amor Atelier by your side, you will have a stress-free planning process knowing that each and every detail is getting checked off your wedding planning to-do list!

Our Mission


Your dream wedding starts here 

My grandmother was an artist, always happiest when she was painting in her studio. “Atelier” is the French word for “artist’s studio”, inspired by my grandmother’s Basque heritage. Ever since I was a young girl, my Granny Raines instilled in me the importance of speaking from your heart and spreading love, kindness, and compassion to the world.


The name Amor Atelier comes from the Spanish word for “love”, inspired by my grandmother, Lorraine Solis, and her Spanish heritage. My great-grandmother, Inocencia Esquer, immigrated to the US in 1916 from her hometown, Isaba, Spain in the Basque region near the border of France.

AMOR - LOVE in Spanish

My inspiration for Amor Atelier is rooted in my memories of family gatherings with my grandparents and their romantic, timeless love stories. On both sides of my family, my grandparents were married for over 50 years. They were the true definition of soulmates and always stayed true to their vows “I will love and honor you all the days of my life”.

As a young girl, I first learned the art of hosting gatherings from my grandmothers. I learned the importance of creating a welcoming, joyful space for guests to gather and enjoy the experience of building lasting memories together.

My love for planning events truly comes from my heart. To me, my work as a wedding planner is a way to honor my grandparents and their timeless love stories by passing on their legacy of love through heartfelt, romantic weddings planned with intention and joy.

The Inspiration Behind Amor Atelier

I believe that embracing the power of a positive mindset can transform your life.


I believe that the best relationships are built on trust, communication, and respect.


I believe that dreamers and visionaries hold the power to change the world.


I believe in leading with empathy, compassion, and grace.


I believe that when you listen to your heart and follow your dreams, anything is possible.


I believe that our shared connections, experiences, and memories with one another are the true meaning of life.






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